Savings Calculator

This calculator shows how a good investment habit helps you save for your retirement.

Employment status
Personal contribution rate
You could save up to
with CareSaver.
Based on a growth fund.
Here is the list of assumptions we've used to calculate your retirement amount:
  1. Your employee contribution is 3%
  2. Inflation is assumed to be 2% p.a.
  3. No amounts are withdrawn for home purchase or hardship
  4. Government contributions remain the same at $521.43 each year.
  5. Your prescribed investor rate (PIR) stays the same.
  6. The real rate of return for income assets is assumed to be 1.5%
  7. The real rate of return for growth assets is assumed to be 6%
  8. If you select Employed, we assume your salary increases by 2.5% per annum.
  9. If you select self-employed or not working, we assume that you contribute the same amount each year and that it increases with inflation
  10. You keep contributing at your current rate into the same investment fund until you reach 65.
  11. You are tax resident in New Zealand and have not received any PIE income in the last 2 tax years

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