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Invest ethically with CareSaver

We invest ethically, making conscious choices for doing good with the money we manage.

This is more than simply avoiding companies that harm our society or environment – we go further, seeking out companies making a difference. We also believe these companies make better long-term financial investments.

We aspire for our investing to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for all. These goals address key global challenges, including poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. Investing should do well and do good.

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Our Research Focus

We rate all companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. We believe companies that better manage these ESG risks make better long-term investments.

Climate change deeply concerns us

We believe climate change poses a clear danger to the health of our planet and our society. Companies that do not address the transition to a low carbon economy are exposed to significant financial risks. We seek out companies with a lower carbon intensity.


Our Values

Our values are Aware, Fair and Care – and we reflect these in the way we invest:

Engagement and voting

Ethical investors use their ownership rights to influence corporate behaviour and promote positive change. For us, this means:


We vote at company meetings to encourage positive change.


We promote ethical investment to investors, to companies and within the financial services industry.


We belong to key organisations and work with them to get our ethical beliefs heard.

It’s more than just shares

Much of the discussion above applies only to the shares of companies we invest in. But CareSaver can also invest in debt securities like bonds issued by companies. Here’s our focus for these investments:

Green Bonds

Green bonds are issued by companies where the proceeds are used to finance projects with positive environmental or climate benefits.

ESG Bonds

ESG bonds are bonds issued by companies that have high environmental, social or governance attributes.

Ethical Bonds

We can also invest in unlisted fixed income securities where the issuer or use of funds is consistent with our ethical values. This could include debt funding of social housing or forestry.