This tool compares investments of large KiwiSaver providers to
CareSaver. Which KiwiSaver fund aligns with your values?

Data for other Providers is taken from the Mindful Money website

If your KiwiSaver provider is not shown here, please contact us with details of your provider and fund and we will be happy to help.


This shows the total number of investments in company shares and bonds that may not align with your values. See the table below for a detailed breakdown:

This shows the breakdown of investments in your KiwiSaver Fund as identified by that are in the areas of most concern to New Zealanders. Which Fund aligns best with your values?

Data for other fund managers is provided by Mindful Money as at 31 March 2019. Mindful Money is a charity and is independent of CareSaver KiwiSaver. See CareSaver data is as at 6 December 2019.

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