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What fund type
is best for you?

It’s a personal decision to identify the fund that is correct for you – Growth, Balanced or Conservative.

In very general terms, some of the considerations you may want to take account of are your age (and how many years you have to retirement), whether you have bought your first home, and are you comfortable taking some risk. Here’s a quick comparison of some of the characteristics of our funds:

Growth Fund Balanced Fund Conservative Fund
Return focus Medium to high Medium Modest
Risk focus Higher Medium Lower
Likely fluctuation in value More than the Balanced or Conservative Funds More than Conservative Fund but less than Growth Fund Less than both the Growth Fund and Balanced Fund
Minimum suggested time frame 10+ years (long term) 3-10 years (medium to long term) Up to 3 years (short to medium term)
Management fee (market average for NZ Managers) 1.25% p.a. 1.10% p.a. 0.80% p.a.

You may be interested to know that based on recent KiwiSaver Scheme data, less than one in ten people actively choose a Conservative Fund. This may be preferred for people with a shorter time horizon, or low tolerance for risk, but more than nine in ten people actively choose Growth or Balanced funds.

In addition to our management fee, an annual administration fee of $27 is also charged (except for balances below $1,000).

Our funds

As well as deciding the right fund for you, you will also need to think about what contribution rate is right for you and calculate your PIR (tax rate). You can use our calculators or contact us for further help.

Growth Fund

Ethical investing to achieve medium to high returns with a higher risk exposure.


Balanced Fund

Ethical investing to achieve medium returns with medium risk exposure.


Conservative Fund

Ethical investing to achieve modest returns with a lower risk exposure.


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