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Aligning your ethical beliefs with our investment expertise

Every year we’ll donate 20% of our fees to the charity you select.

CareSaver is designed to help you save for your retirement while aligning your ethical beliefs with our investment expertise. As well as striving for your savings to work hard, we also support charities doing good in our community. We donate 20% of our CareSaver management fees to charity, and you can select one. You’ll see our 17 charity partners below:


Our Charity Partners

Charity Partner Selection

Our Charity Partners have been carefully chosen by us in accordance with our Charity Partner Selection Principles, which we call our PRIME criteria:


  • Purpose: We want to work with charities with a clear social or environmental purpose and who do great work.
  • Reach: We want to support charities who engage with an active community of supporters.
  • Impact: We want to partner with charities who are making an important difference to improve lives, communities or our natural environment.
  • Mana-Enhancement: We want to work with charities who prioritise integrity, care, transparency and innovation. These reflect Pathfinder’s values of Aware, Fair and Care.

We may accept additional charities in the future – charities can get in touch with us at

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