No room for complacency in 2020

Headlines in 2019 were dominated by trade wars, astronomical valuation multiples for some technology stocks, the long-awaited correction (and unexpected recovery) in housing across Australia and New Zealand, and importantly – central banks around the globe drastically changing their stance on interest rates; lowering rates to keep the economy and markets moving forward. This was a major difference […]

Tanks, torpedoes and tasers: Why weapons are a conundrum for KiwiSavers

You don’t want your retirement savings invested in nuclear bombs, sure. But what about conventional defence equipment that’s also used for essential civilian purposes? This month’s assassination of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani and the Australian navy’s evacuation of people escaping bushfires are two very different events, but they highlight the dilemma faced by KiwiSavers wanting […]

How to be a positive, ethical investor

Ethical investors are often told what to avoid investing in, but there is little guidance on the investments to actively seek. This is surprising given that positive ethical investing is much more interesting, more profitable and more likely to effect change in the world. We all know the ‘sin stocks’ to avoid. Tobacco tops the […]

A message to Westland and KiwiSaver investors: Coal is finished

Most of the coal reserves on corporates’ balance sheets will never be extracted meaning they are worthless. This has implications for people’s retirement savings, writes John Berry. Westland’s mayor Bruce Smith recently rallied against proposed restrictions on West Coast coal mining, telling Radio New Zealand “coal is a critical part of how we live every day”. It’s […]

Business should have a social purpose

Many companies have a sustainability focus and achieve great things for New Zealand. But equally there are companies that do harm. It may be social harm – there are more than a hundred exploitive employers on the Labour Inspectorate’s ‘blacklist’ for breaching minimum employment standards. Others cause environmental harm; the worst in recent times was […]

Getting out of sunset industries

n 1980 seven of the 10 largest US companies were involved in fossil fuels. Today there’s only one, Exxon Mobil, which ranks at number 10. Technology companies like Apple, Alphabet (the parent company of Google) and Amazon now dominate. Fossil fuel businesses are widely seen as operating a sunset industry; one that is in terminal decline. […]

Winner – Alternatives Fund of the Year

Last week, our parent Company Pathfinder won the Alternatives Fund of the Year for the Global Water Fund at the GoodReturns Fund Manager of the Year Awards. This award judges funds on return, volatility as well as qualitative measures like quality of the team, consistency and how good the overall investor experience is. Paul, John […]

Finalist in Fund of the Year

The Global Water Fund, from our parent Company Pathfinder, is a finalist for Fund of the Year in the Alternatives Sector. The combination of great returns and ethical investing model has made this Fund very special. Have a look here:-

KiwiSaver fails the Johnson & Johnson test

It seems that nearly every KiwiSaver provider is now promoting themselves as a "fully integrated ESG manager" or "the most ethical". Frankly, we don't believe most of them. There is a simple test to determine whether your manager really believes in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis or is just applying it as a nice layer of marketing spin on top of their business as usual approach. That simple test is called the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) test and it's a test that almost all the New Zealand ESG KiwiSaver schemes fail.

Raise $100 for Movember NZ – here’s how

This November CareSaver is joining forces with Movember NZ to help raise money to tackle prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. When you join or switch to CareSaver this November...

CareSaver Quarterly Report

A Positive Outlook This is CareSaver’s first quarterly update for our Growth, Balanced and Conservative funds. We are an active manager of CareSaver, meaning we can decide if we want to be in high risk (and more volatile) assets like shares or lower risk (and less volatile) assets like cash.  So far the funds have […]

Charity Partner Update

We are often meeting up with our charity partners and want to keep you up to date with their good work.  Here’s a quick overview of seven of our recent catch ups: We caught up with Forest & Bird CEO Kevin Hague who shared with us challenges that NZ wildlife faces from climate change – […]

The Switch That Makes A Difference

Switch to CareSaver and 20% of our fee goes to a charity of your choice. So your KiwiSaver Plan is not only working to benefit you, it’s helping others at the same time.

The Power of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a key investment theme for CareSaver, as we expect the global shift to renewables to continue to gain momentum. It’s driven by a range of factors including massive improvements in technology, regulatory settings for carbon and consumer preferences.

Why we don’t like the look of Facebook

Thumbs down Social media has changed the way we communicate, interact and source our daily news.  Facebook is a US$500 billion listed company, yet at CareSaver we don’t invest in it. For several years we have been concerned about its governance standards – it is a global media company yet effective control is vested in […]

What We’re Doing About Climate Change

Investments that change the world Climate change is recognised as a massive issue in Europe, in fact in the European elections 48% of voters said climate change was their top concern!  Heatwaves through Europe this summer turned many towns and cities into a furnace. It’s not new for Europe – the heatwave of 2003 is […]

Why are Australian banks investing in Nuclear Weapons companies

New Zealanders have strong and clear opinions about where our money is invested, and not supporting the manufacture of nuclear weapons is right at the top of the list. Our country has a long and proud anti-nuclear weapon history.
retirement fun

New KiwiSaver fund refuses to invest in all-male companies

For lots of New Zealanders, KiwiSavers are among the biggest assets we own. But how can we make sure that the funds we invest that money in are investing in socially-conscious companies? John Berry has started up a new fund called CareSaver, aiming to do just that, and joins us to explain how it works.

New KiwiSaver scheme will only invest in companies with women on board

A new KiwiSaver fund will invest only in New Zealand listed companies with female board members. CareSaver, which has been established by Pathfinder Asset Management, a fund manager committed to responsible investment, will target companies with good environmental, social and governance (ESG) track records.

New KiwiSaver scheme CareSaver to only invest in NZX-listed companies with a female director

A new KiwiSaver scheme aligned with ethical investing promises to only invest in New Zealand listed companies that have at least one female director on their boards. CareSaver, which was launched today, comes as funds are getting keener to be seen investing ethically or responsibly.

‘Responsible investment: changing the world one dollar at a time’

Gains to animal welfare, climate change and the environment from ‘conscious consumerism’ have been profound. Free-range eggs, eco-friendly cleaning products and organic foods were once choices only available in the shopping aisles of health-food stores.

Sustainable Investing

“There’s more companies doing it. It used to be more of a boutique thing. I think it’s going mainstream now.” Sustainable investing is set to be the 'next big thing' in the market, contact our advisers for a more in-depth overview.
ExxonMobile Posts Record Breaking Quarterly Profit

Big Oil Companies Deny Reality

We are disappointed but not surprised as Big Oil companies continue to deny reality and enrich themselves at the expense of wider society. We don't invest in Big Oil and if anyone wonders why, this kind of thinking by their boards is a good reason to ignore these companies.

Johnson & Johnson

We haven't liked or owned Johnson and Johnson stock for quite some time as they have been engaged in various controversies like this, contributing to what has been called the "worst manmade public health crisis in our state's history".