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Why are Australian banks investing in Nuclear Weapons companies

New Zealanders have strong and clear opinions about where our money is invested, and not supporting the manufacture of nuclear weapons is right at the top of the list. Our country has a long and proud anti-nuclear weapon history.

New KiwiSaver fund refuses to invest in all-male companies

For lots of New Zealanders, KiwiSavers are among the biggest assets we own. But how can we make sure that the funds we invest that money in are investing in socially-conscious companies? John Berry has started up a new fund called CareSaver, aiming to do just that, and joins us to explain how it works.

New KiwiSaver scheme will only invest in companies with women on board

A new KiwiSaver fund will invest only in New Zealand listed companies with female board members. CareSaver, which has been established by Pathfinder Asset Management, a fund manager committed to responsible investment, will target companies with good environmental, social and governance (ESG) track records.

New KiwiSaver scheme CareSaver to only invest in NZX-listed companies with a female director

A new KiwiSaver scheme aligned with ethical investing promises to only invest in New Zealand listed companies that have at least one female director on their boards. CareSaver, which was launched today, comes as funds are getting keener to be seen investing ethically or responsibly.

‘Responsible investment: changing the world one dollar at a time’

Gains to animal welfare, climate change and the environment from ‘conscious consumerism’ have been profound. Free-range eggs, eco-friendly cleaning products and organic foods were once choices only available in the shopping aisles of health-food stores.

Sustainable Investing

“There’s more companies doing it. It used to be more of a boutique thing. I think it’s going mainstream now.” Sustainable investing is set to be the 'next big thing' in the market, contact our advisers for a more in-depth overview.

Big Oil Companies Deny Reality

We are disappointed but not surprised as Big Oil companies continue to deny reality and enrich themselves at the expense of wider society. We don't invest in Big Oil and if anyone wonders why, this kind of thinking by their boards is a good reason to ignore these companies.

Johnson & Johnson

We haven't liked or owned Johnson and Johnson stock for quite some time as they have been engaged in various controversies like this, contributing to what has been called the "worst manmade public health crisis in our state's history".