Engagement Report 2020: Pathfinder and CareSaver KiwiSaver

Engagement Report 2020: Pathfinder and CareSaver KiwiSaver We cannot positively impact and improve our world by sitting back and being passive. We need to be active.  This means selecting ‘good’ companies to invest in and it also means taking active steps to engage as a responsible and ethical investor. Sometimes we are invested in a company […]

Pathfinder a leader in responsible investing

Pathfinder Asset Management bolstered its reputation as a leader in ethical investing winning the 2020 Responsible Investment Fund Manager of the Year Award. The achievement was announced late last year at the Good Returns Fund Manager of The Year Award 2020, Powered by Research IP.* Pathfinder’s Global Water Fund was also named a finalist for […]

Take extreme care if investing in Bitcoin

OPINION: Bitcoin is either a revolutionary currency for the 21st century or a massive financial bubble. We don’t yet know which. Followers believe Bitcoin is the future, sending its value up three times over 2020. Yet plenty disagree, comparing Bitcoin to crazy investment bubbles like dotcom stocks. Questions remain whether governments will stifle cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin is only one cryptocurrency, […]

The summer of Meridian’s share madness

OPINION: Local markets have been relatively quiet over the Christmas break, with stockbrokers lingering at their baches. Sharemarkets are another matter, with unprecedented activity heating up the exchange, even in their absence. Clean energy provider Meridian, normally a safe, sleeper stock, jolted brokers off their loungers, as massive trading levels saw Meridian’s share price shoot up more than […]

Renewables Power to New Highs

A sector which has experienced an amazing boost of late is clean energy, as it is expected to be a major beneficiary of Biden Administration policy. At Pathfinder, a key overweight investment theme across our funds is renewable energy, with most of our solar and wind power holdings in the US and Europe riding recent […]

Goodbye 2020, valuable lesson learned

OPINION: The human and economic cost of the Covid-19 pandemic through 2020 was unprecedented. There’s simply nothing quite like it in recent history, and the same has also been true of investing through 2020. When the far-reaching human and economic impact from the pandemic became obvious, markets reacted badly. The March 2020 fall in global […]

KiwiSaver, climate and asset values

OPINION: Over the last week, Covid-19 hit the UK hard with serious implications for communities and investors. Trucks stuck in queues stretching miles at Dover and ferries trapped in ports. These assets are stranded, incurring costs without generating income. For investors, the term ‘stranded assets’ isn’t a good thing. Yet over the decade ahead it’s […]

Is your KiwSaver making an impact?

OPINION: KiwiSaver now has $70 billion of our savings. As owners, we should focus on the wider impact of this massive savings pool. KiwiSaver can be a huge positive for us individually and, believe it or not, also for our planet. We expect good investment returns, and that is critically important. As a manager of […]

Ethical KiwiSaver provider funds innovative social impact bond aimed at women

New Zealand’s leading ethical fund manager unveiled a ground-breaking investment in a high impact social bond aimed at improving the lives of 180,000 women in Asia-Pacific. Pathfinder Asset Management, parent of CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme, announced Monday a USD$1 million investment in the internationally acclaimed IIX Women’s Livelihood Bond 3 (WLB 3). The investment will be […]

Investors can’t afford to ignore climate change

OPINION: This week, our government announced a climate emergency, following the lead of the UK, France, Canada and Argentina. This reinforces our target to be carbon neutral by 2050 and supports our Paris accord commitments. Declaring a climate emergency challenges investors by highlighting the future impact on corporate operations and profitability. Fortunately, there are a […]

Be cynical about those who claim to be green

OPINION: Greenwashing: “Behaviour or activities that make people believe a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is.” As an investor, we look for opportunities with the right blend of risk and reward, but also we look to invest in a way that minimises the harm those companies we invest in […]

Social Impactor Award

The Sustainable Business Awards are NZ’s ‘Oscars of Sustainability’ and out of 9 finalists, we are thrilled to announce that Pathfinder Asset Management won the “Social Impactor Award” for 2020. Pathfinder prides itself on being the leader in NZ on responsible investment, making money while caring for the world. Our investment approach revolves around people, […]

Men, we need to invest better

OPINION: Last Thursday was International Men’s Day, which is a time to reflect on the wellness and contribution of men to our world. What does gender have to do with investing? Everything. Lots of signs point to the ways that gender shapes our investment decisions. Analysis of trading data has shown men buy and sell […]

Are you a climate change enabler?

OPINION: Joe Biden has won the presidential election and in 2021 we’ll see the US rejoin the Paris accord.  This is a critical shift and recognizes how the global effects of climate change are widely understood. Joe Biden, and governments worldwide, are developing a sense of urgency to change behaviour, meet emissions targets and mitigate […]

Sharemarkets shook off election uncertainty, here’s why

OPINION: Before the US election it was widely believed that only a clear win by President Trump or Joe Biden would give certainty and be positive for markets. No clear winner or a marginal win with legal challenges was expected to send markets lower. On election night the world was left with total uncertainty around […]

How real-world change is affecting the sharemarket

OPINION: This month it has become impossible to place a one-year deposit with the main banks and get an interest rate above 1 per cent. That is astonishing, particularly given this is lower than the current inflation rate of 1.4 per cent. Twelve months ago, not many saw that coming. Yet looking back it should be […]

The three investments risks to navigate in 2021

OPINION: Professional investors consider “risk” to mean “volatility”, which is how much share prices gyrate up and down. Many other investors consider “risk” to mean loss of capital, which is the likelihood of an investment not returning your money. Whether it means volatility or loss to you, assessing risk is key to an effective investment […]

Rua Bioscience debuts on NZX

As part of the broadening of our investment spheres, the first of our Private Equity investments made its debut on the NZX today. Rua Bioscience is a medicinal cannabis company, based in Ruatoria, and has secured a contract to export medicinal cannabis to Germany. Rua shares are held by both the CareSaver and Pathfinder Funds. […]

Three changes coming to KiwiSaver

OPINION: With over $60 billion invested in KiwiSaver it’s becoming significant for a large number of savers. According to one of the largest providers, their ‘average’ saver is now 39 years old and will likely have $115,000 at retirement. Certainty is critical for savers, meaning future governments must not tinker with KiwiSaver’s structure.  The tax […]

What country should I invest in?

OPINION: Investors tend to hold a large part of their portfolio in their own country because it is familiar and convenient. This is called the “home country bias” which does not always make good investment sense. New Zealand is big on scenery, innovation and friendliness but on most metrics we’re small on a global scale. […]

What is the business of business?

OPINION: Companies have, in one form or another, been around for centuries, but their purpose is changing. And it’s a change we need. The history of companies is often traced back to 1600 when the East India Company was established.  It became immensely powerful through trade and its interests in the Indian sub-continent. Remarkably, it […]

Here’s what we have learnt about investing in 2020

OPINION: 2020 has been extraordinary for investing. Share prices always fluctuate but the speed of change this year has been remarkable. We have seen three distinct stages so far. January to mid-February was stage one for markets – largely positive. Shares were up and your KiwiSaver will likely have been too. The US market (measured […]

CareSaver for kids

The best time to start saving for retirement isn’t when you’re old, it’s when you’re young. The earlier you start saving, the better off you’ll be.  There’s a reason why Albert Einstein described compound interest as the Eighth Wonder of the World. To help give our tamariki a hand, we’re removing the annual membership fee […]

KiwiSaver is your money but do you know where it is?

OPINION: There are around 3 million Kiwis in KiwiSaver, with investments of about $60 billion in total. But how many know what they’re actually invested in? Your KiwiSaver is your money. You may not be able to access it until you turn 65 or buy a first home, but it’s part of your financial future. You […]

How is climate change impacting your investment?

OPINION: Do you think climate change is real? You don’t need to answer yes or no because as an investor, climate change is already impacting you. Central banks are looking at ways to stress-test climate change scenarios. Governments are changing regulations to prepare for a warmer planet. Consumers have changed behaviour and worry about emissions, […]

ESG investing is the future

In this article, our CEO John Berry argues why environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing makes good sense for investors and good sense for our planet. ESG investing stands on solid foundations, underpinned by two quite distinct drivers – ‘value’ (risk/return) and ‘values’ (ethics). Let’s deal with ‘value’ (risk/return) first. People invest in KiwiSaver to […]

CareSaver Growth Fund racing ahead of the Big 4

For the year to 31 August 2020, CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme has once again outperformed the four biggest KiwiSaver providers by a large margin.     CareSaver’s Growth Fund returned  +15.8% after fees, beating the best performing Australian-owned provider by 8.%  Our Balanced Fund returned +9.2% and our Conservative Fund +5.6% over the same period of time. […]

Worried about climate change? Maybe your Kiwisaver should invest in Tesla

OPINION: Tesla has delighted investors and stunned rivals with its meteoric rise to the top of the car industry. With the right Kiwisaver fund, New Zealanders have the chance to back a winning and renewable horse writes Pathfinder CEO, John Berry. Tesla’s share price is three times higher than at the start of this year. […]

Monday thoughts: It’s crazy that people want to invest in negative interest rates

OPINION: Investors want somewhere relatively safe that delivers good returns. Right now that’s hard. New Zealand and US share markets are close to all-time highs, yet the global economy is in recession. Bank deposits are thought of as secure, yet deposit rates are at ludicrously low levels. How does a one-year bank deposit at 1.25 […]

B Corp certification for Pathfinder + CareSaver

More great news… The B Corp movement is huge internationally and gaining recognition in New Zealand. Well known purpose-driven international companies like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and Allbirds are B Corps. Companies obtaining B Corp status have a desire to promote a sustainable economy, create a healthier environment and build stronger communities. Cool and innovative […]

Pathfinder and CareSaver awarded A+

We strive to be a force for good. Great news – for the second year running we have been awarded an A+ rating by the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)!  We share this A+ status with other respected investors like the NZ Super Fund. For us, investing ethically requires recognition that investment decisions […]

Three Monday thoughts: Sharemarket winners and losers

OPINION: Eight months into 2020, we’ve seen extraordinary share market moves. The world’s largest market (the US) was down a third in March/April, then rocketed up by 51 per cent, reaching new highs by August. While unprecedented, this collapse and recovery is just part of the story. The deeper insight is the wide dispersion of returns […]

Are the markets COVID-19 immune?

2020 has witnessed remarkable and wildly unexpected events worldwide, and share markets are no exception. They’ve been on a rollercoaster since COVID-19 became part of our everyday vocabulary. Although outcomes remain unknown, and certainty still far out of reach, the markets are displaying a curious and strange resilience. The world’s largest market (the U.S.)  down […]

Markets yawn at latest lockdown in NZ

What will the Auckland lockdown mean for Kiwi stocks?  As Pathfinder CIO Paul Brownsey explains, it’ll depend on the length of the latest shutdown and the scale of the business. Many small and medium-sized businesses in New Zealand right now will be feeling the pain of the latest lockdown.  For larger companies listed on the […]

Has easy online investing created a ticking time bubble?

Pathfinder portfolio manager Hamesh Sharma does a deep dive into some worrying trends created by easy online investing. Over the last few months, I’ve had many friends ask me if stocks such as Air New Zealand “are good shares to buy right now?” Many of them have never bought shares before. This highlights to me just […]

Ethical KiwiSaver fund delivers sky high returns

At CareSaver, we believe that values deliver value. Our latest performance result for our Growth Fund (shown below) proves our case.   For the year to 31 July 2020, we outperformed the four biggest KiwiSaver providers by a country mile*. CareSaver’s Growth Fund returned an awesome +11.1% after fees, beating the best performing Australian-owned provider by 6.9%  Our Balanced […]

3 bite-sized surprises for your Monday…

CareSaver CEO John Berry shares 3 surprising thoughts for your Monday:

‘Woke’ funds increasingly popular during Covid-19 turmoil

So-called “woke” funds are proving to be a profitable option for conscientious investors. This article appeared on the RadioNZ website here

How to do good with a $60b honey pot

For KiwiSaver investors, 2020 has delivered sharp losses followed by a strong rebound. This year has demonstrated that investing ethically is not only good for our planet but also really good for returns.  Our CEO John Berry explains how. If you’re not already familiar with the acronym ESG, expect to hear it a lot in […]

CareSaver charity partner update

CareSaver has partnered with 17 awesome charities covering a range of environmental and social issues.  With our world facing significant challenges, like Covid-19 and climate change, we need to support their work now more than ever. Here’s a quick round of up a few of them: Garden to Table (GTT) has a vision for our […]

Ethical investment approach puts CareSaver KiwiSaver ahead of the pack

We’re pleased to share our results to the end of June which covers one of the toughest periods markets have faced in a decade.   Returns from our 3 funds (Conservative, Balanced and Growth) are all above average so far this year for their categories.*   Returns to 30 June are: Fund 6-month Fund return   6-month […]

The ethical cost of the Covid-19 vaccine

The search for a Covid-19 vaccine highlights a massive dilemma for many ethical investors – the fact that any vaccine will be tested on animals and such testing will violate the rights of those animals as sentient beings. Our CEO John Berry explains (thanks to stuff.co.nz for publishing). Let’s first get one thing clear: should […]

Ethical savings shine

For KiwiSaver investors, 2020 has delivered sharp losses followed by a strong rebound. This year has demonstrated that investing ethically is not only good for our planet but also really good for returns.  Our CEO John Berry explains how. Economies, communities and share markets have all had a bumpy start to 2020. In these times […]

Cosmetics, animal testing and your KiwiSaver

Animal testing for cosmetics is widespread and large scale. As an ethical fund manager, CareSaver won’t invest in companies that do it.  CEO John Berry explains why. Conscious consumerism is a rising trend globally and with good reason. There are still too many companies doing harm to the planet, and engaging unethical practices. Animal testing […]

May 2020 – Equity Market Outlook Webinar

In this Webinar, the Investment team gives their outlook for markets, stocks, and sectors we are watching, and discusses what has driven markets to date and more importantly the outlook from here. So far 2020 has been a wild ride for equity markets, with a record-breaking sell-off in terms of the speed of market moves, […]

Guest Blog – I recently changed my KiwiSaver to CareSaver

Author – Kate Hall (aka Ethically Kate) Title – I recently changed my KiwiSaver to CareSaver Date – 16/04/2020 About the Author – I live and breathe sustainable living and ethical fashion. This alternative way of consuming and existing dominates my every waking moment- and sometimes more. Ethical fashion and living are no longer my hobbies, […]

4 things I can’t believe are happening in our world

Our recent list of “4 things I can’t believe” included some surprising (but largely negative) insights.  Many people encouraged us to produce a list of startling but positive observations about our world looking forward.  So here we go with our 4 positive surprises: 1 – Technology may leapfrog ahead:  Some politicians offshore say their country […]

Renovating Boardrooms

At CareSaver we want to invest in companies that are socially responsible – which from a ‘people’ perspective includes their governance, leadership and how they look after their staff.   Representation of women on boards is an important part of this. In this article (published in the autumn edition of Good Magazine) CareSaver CEO John Berry […]

Negative Oil

Hamesh Sharma of Pathfinder/CareSaver with an overview of the implications for energy stocks and airlines such as Air New Zealand. What does the future hold for oil? Late in April, for the first time ever, West Texas crude oil futures plunged to a negative value (a day before they expired) meaning that people were being […]

Charity News

Our charity family donations from launch (31 July 2019) to 31 March 2020 are $15,000 (plus $5,000 of additional donations) Kia ora to our charity whānau! We wish you and your teams well during this difficult period.  While we hope that your charity and all your supporters are flourishing, we know the best to really […]

Engagement works…

Shareholder pressure can make a difference. After many years of ignoring the issue, Starbucks has finally decided to shift their business away from single use cups and have committed to reducing store waste by 50% by 2030 This is absolutely because shareholders have pressured Starbucks to behave more sustainably. Last year a proposal to reduce […]

This is crazy right?

The price of futures contracts on US Crude Oil just went negative, yes negative! For the first time ever, West Texas Crude Oil futures plunged to a negative value at -US$37 a barrel! This means that today, people are being paid to accept barrels of oil. This may seem absurd, but there are very good reasons. […]

Video – What KiwiSaver Management Style works best?

In this video, CEO John Berry discusses the different types of management style, and which works best, Active or Passive… Join CareSaver today

Guest Blog – My Journey Through Ethical Investing

Author – Anthea Madill Title – My journey through ethical investing Date – 15/04/2020 About the Author Anthea is the director of Clever Green Limited and Remix Plastic, through which she strives to provide education that encourages and empowers individuals to make sustainable changes.  Anthea has a BSc in Zoology. She trained as a PADI […]

CareSaver – Active management doing what it should

New KiwiSaver provider CareSaver is claiming a win for active, ethical management as its funds beat competitors through the Covid-19 market turbulence. Tuesday, April 7th 2020, 6:00AM Morningstar has released new data showing that on average, KiwiSaver conservative funds were down 2.98% in March, balanced down 8%, growth down 10.56% and aggressive down 11.91%. Over […]

KiwiSaver – it’s down but it’s safe

In this time of financial crisis many KiwiSaver investors are really worried.  How far can their balance fall?  Can someone just take their money from their KiwiSaver?  In this article published on the Stuff website, our CEO John Berry answers these questions and provides reassurance on why you should stay positive that your KiwiSaver remains […]

An update from the team at CareSaver

Stock markets around the world have continued to show extreme volatility as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Governments all around the world have taken dramatic measures, and now more than 1.5 billion people globally are isolating at home in the same way we are about to in New Zealand. At CareSaver, we are positive and optimistic […]

How to invest without committing ‘climate crime’

Companies unprepared for a low-carbon society are taking unacceptable risks, Paul Brownsey of Pathfinder Asset Management tells ROB STOCK. Q. Pathfinder’s CareSaver is the only KiwiSaver scheme to measure its funds’ carbon footprints. Really? In this day and age? A. Unless we have missed the news, we are the only KiwiSaver to report the carbon […]

Market volatility – a Q&A with Fund Managers

Our friends at Sharesies recently posted a Q&A with fund managers, talking about the current volatility. Paul Brownsey, our Chief Investment Officer, gave his thoughts on how to navigate this period of market uncertainty. As a fund manager, how do you respond to market dips? We’re an active manager, so we’re always re-assessing our reasons for having […]

5 tips to avoid coronavirus chaos in your KiwiSaver

As the coronavirus crisis intensifies, many people are thinking of switching their KiwiSaver from a Growth or Balanced fund to Conservative. Before you make that move please read and consider this article written by our CEO, John Berry. It is a really big decision for your retirement savings and financial future You can switch to […]

Investor Update

Global markets remain extremely volatile, with market swings comparable to those experienced during the worst of the 2008 financial crisis. We are in a fast-moving and fluid situation with regard to the impact of coronavirus on financial markets. Measures to contain the spread of the virus continue around the globe, with both Australia and New […]

KiwiSaver members won’t be shortchanged by managers cutting fossil fuels

OPINION: It helps the planet and your pocket to exclude fossil fuel companies from your KiwiSaver. That suggestion has been both praised and mocked over the last week after the Government announced that, from 2021, default KiwiSaver funds won’t be investing in oil or coal companies. Default KiwiSaver funds are the funds you end up in […]

Market Volatility….

Market volatility as investors react to the Coronavirus is very much in the news. We believe at times like this it is important to have your savings with a manager that actively positions your savings in a careful manner. We posted a couple of days ago about how we are responding to the market turmoil; […]

No room for complacency in 2020

Headlines in 2019 were dominated by trade wars, astronomical valuation multiples for some technology stocks, the long-awaited correction (and unexpected recovery) in housing across Australia and New Zealand, and importantly – central banks around the globe drastically changing their stance on interest rates; lowering rates to keep the economy and markets moving forward. This was a major difference […]

Tanks, torpedoes and tasers: Why weapons are a conundrum for KiwiSavers

You don’t want your retirement savings invested in nuclear bombs, sure. But what about conventional defence equipment that’s also used for essential civilian purposes? This month’s assassination of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani and the Australian navy’s evacuation of people escaping bushfires are two very different events, but they highlight the dilemma faced by KiwiSavers wanting […]

How to be a positive, ethical investor

Ethical investors are often told what to avoid investing in, but there is little guidance on the investments to actively seek. This is surprising given that positive ethical investing is much more interesting, more profitable and more likely to effect change in the world. We all know the ‘sin stocks’ to avoid. Tobacco tops the […]

A message to Westland and KiwiSaver investors: Coal is finished

Most of the coal reserves on corporates’ balance sheets will never be extracted meaning they are worthless. This has implications for people’s retirement savings, writes John Berry. Westland’s mayor Bruce Smith recently rallied against proposed restrictions on West Coast coal mining, telling Radio New Zealand “coal is a critical part of how we live every day”. It’s […]

Business should have a social purpose

Many companies have a sustainability focus and achieve great things for New Zealand. But equally there are companies that do harm. It may be social harm – there are more than a hundred exploitive employers on the Labour Inspectorate’s ‘blacklist’ for breaching minimum employment standards. Others cause environmental harm; the worst in recent times was […]

Getting out of sunset industries

In 1980, seven of the 10 largest US companies were involved in fossil fuels. Today there’s only one, Exxon Mobil, which ranks at number 10. Technology companies like Apple, Alphabet (the parent company of Google) and Amazon now dominate. Fossil fuel businesses are widely seen as operating a sunset industry; one that is in terminal decline. […]

Winner – Alternatives Fund of the Year

Last week, our parent Company Pathfinder won the Alternatives Fund of the Year for the Global Water Fund at the GoodReturns Fund Manager of the Year Awards. This award judges funds on return, volatility as well as qualitative measures like quality of the team, consistency and how good the overall investor experience is. Paul, John […]

The Switch That Makes A Difference

Switch to CareSaver and 20% of our fee goes to a charity of your choice. So your KiwiSaver Plan is not only working to benefit you, it’s helping others at the same time.

The Power of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a key investment theme for CareSaver, as we expect the global shift to renewables to continue to gain momentum. It’s driven by a range of factors including massive improvements in technology, regulatory settings for carbon and consumer preferences.

What We’re Doing About Climate Change

Investments that change the world Climate change is recognised as a massive issue in Europe, in fact in the European elections 48% of voters said climate change was their top concern!  Heatwaves through Europe this summer turned many towns and cities into a furnace. It’s not new for Europe – the heatwave of 2003 is […]

Why are Australian banks investing in Nuclear Weapons companies

New Zealanders have strong and clear opinions about where our money is invested, and not supporting the manufacture of nuclear weapons is right at the top of the list. Our country has a long and proud anti-nuclear weapon history.
retirement fun

New KiwiSaver fund refuses to invest in all-male companies

For lots of New Zealanders, KiwiSavers are among the biggest assets we own. But how can we make sure that the funds we invest that money in are investing in socially-conscious companies? John Berry has started up a new fund called CareSaver, aiming to do just that, and joins us to explain how it works.

‘Responsible investment: changing the world one dollar at a time’

Gains to animal welfare, climate change and the environment from ‘conscious consumerism’ have been profound. Free-range eggs, eco-friendly cleaning products and organic foods were once choices only available in the shopping aisles of health-food stores.

Sustainable Investing

“There’s more companies doing it. It used to be more of a boutique thing. I think it’s going mainstream now.” Sustainable investing is set to be the 'next big thing' in the market, contact our advisers for a more in-depth overview.