We’re pleased to share our results to the end of June which covers one of the toughest periods markets have faced in a decade.  

Returns from our 3 funds (Conservative, Balanced and Growth) are all above average so far this year for their categories.*  

Returns to 30 June are:

Fund6-month Fund return  6-month market average return Outperformance by CareSaver  Fund return since inception (11 months)
CareSaver Growth+1.73%-2.36%+4.09%+7.62%
CareSaver Balanced+0.40%-1.60%+2.00%+3.01%
CareSaver Conservative+2.48%+2.08%+0.40%+3.59%
Fund performance comparison

Markets were volatile during this 6-month period, for example at one point the US share market was down about one third.  We managed to avoid much of the downside, and markets have since recovered well.  

How do we do it?

We attribute our success to 3 factors:

  1. We are an active manager.  That means we handpick the companies we invest in and can also invest more heavily in sectors or themes we like (for example tech stocks and renewable energy).
  2. We avoid companies that are harmful to society and the planet – fossil fuel companies, tobacco and casinos have not been great for returns over 2020.  We have avoided them.  For example oil and gas companies globally have been down around 40% – so they’ve been both bad for our warming planet and bad as investments.
  3. We focus investment into ‘good’ companies that we see as being sustainable in their practices and positive for the environment and society.

Some examples of our investing over the last 6 months includes big wins by our five largest listed holdings:

CompanyWhat is it’s business?Return this yearWhere is it listed?
SolarEdgeSolar panels+66%US
Fisher & Paykel HealthcareHealthcare+61%New Zealand
PushpayPayments technology+124%New Zealand
NextDCData storage+71%Australia

Of course not every stock will be a winner and we have seen some falls from the likes of Meridian Energy down 10% and Ebos (healthcare/veterinary wholesaler) down 9%.  But overall, things are up this year for CareSaver.

Markets in New Zealand and the US are currently around all-time highs.  This is a surprise for many given the challenges the world currently faces, and the fact that the global economy is in recession.  In this uncertain environment we believe our ‘active and ethical’ approach will continue to deliver.


*Source; Morningstar

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