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Invest ethically with CareSaver, a KiwiSaver scheme actively managed by Pathfinder Asset Management.

We call it CareSaver because it’s for Kiwis who care about our planet and its people. It’s also for Kiwis who care about investing wisely for their retirement.

At Pathfinder we’ve been managing investments ethically for nearly a decade. We like to think of ourselves as a “conscious investor.” Conscious of getting the best possible returns. Conscious of protecting the planet. Conscious of doing the right thing for people.

With real humans looking after your money we create a hand-picked portfolio actively managing your funds in a responsible and sustainable way.

If your values align with ours, switch to CareSaver today.


Our Approach

Principles & Profit

We want to make a difference as well as make money.


When we invest we’re mindful of how companies impact our


We care about communities. Our social enterprise approach
supports our family of charities.

Our Commitment

With your help and our charity partnerships, together we can make things happen. Click to view charities.